A textbook-style explanation of basic concepts in economics

The “Basics” tab includes a general introduction to the study of economics.

The “Micro Topics” tab includes sections on Supply & Demand; Revenue, Costs, and Profit; Market Structures; Opportunity Cost; Specialization & Trade; and Elasticity.

The “Macro Topics” tab includes sections on Economic Systems; Money; Banking; The Circular Flow Model, GDP, and National Income Accounting; The Business Cycle; Unemployment; Inflation, Interest Rates; Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply; Paradox of Thrift; Globalization (Foreign Exchange and Balance of Payments); Fiscal & Monetary Policies; Deficits & the National Debt; Trade Restrictions; and Economic Schools of Thought.

The “Glossary” section is a combination dictionary and linked glossary for this site. It includes a relevant definition for every economics-related term found in this site. Each item in the glossary links to a page in this site where the term is included within an explanation of the economic concepts involved.