My name is Jerry Wyant. Economics Online Tutor began as a way for me to remain active and productive after I became disabled. In the beginning, I would go online and help students learn the material that they needed to know for their economics courses. Helping students became a passion for me. I worked with students from six continents as well as students from all across the United States. I developed a following, and many students would come to me first when they needed help with their studies.

These were students from many different types of education systems. I learned a lot about the level of knowledge expected of econ students at specific education levels in different education systems. I also learned that when students had questions, the answers they were looking for tended to come when I could get them to understand the basic concepts a little better. My focus was always on the basic concepts and whatever it was that the students were expected to be learning for their coursework.

My following grew, but at the same time my disability progressed. I could no longer spend as much time in direct contact with students. I created this website so that it could do most of my “work” for me. At first, the site contained a contact form so that students could still ask for personal tutoring if the information in the site didn’t answer their specific questions. But as my disability continued to progress, I was forced to delete the contact form. Unfortunately, I can no longer provide individualized service.

I have done all of this on a voluntary basis. I invested thousands of hours in this, with no expectations of being paid for my efforts. However, when I created this website I did include a “donate” button through PayPal. If you would like to support my efforts in providing this service, you can do so through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to do so.

I also made the material in this site available for free in all eBook formats. You can own a copy of this for all types of devices, and it is free. For all devices, go to The title of the eBook is “Basic Economics for Students and Non-Students Alike”, by Jerry Wyant.

“Basic Economics for Students and Non-Students Alike” is also available in paperback form through online book distributors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They won’t let me give the paperback version away for free, so there is a cost involved. This book is a print version of the Economics Online Tutor website. Many students find that it is a great handbook of basic economics concepts.

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These resources have been used by some schools as a substitute for expensive textbooks. I have been told that some schools in developing nations would not be able to offer economics as a course of study if not for my inexpensive (and mostly free) resources.

You do not have to be enrolled in an economics course in order to benefit from this information. If you are not a student, but you want to know basic economics according to the way they teach it in schools, you can benefit from these resources.

I created a Facebook page for Economics Online Tutor. This page is different from the website. While the website’s focus is on economics concepts as taught in school, the Facebook page is about the “real world” of current events and politically-charged topics related to the economy. Over time, the Facebook page has developed its own perspective and viewpoint. I am no longer the main contributor to the page, but I do contribute occasionally. I have written several essays on the economy for this page. The essays appear in the “blog” section of this site, along with my essays on a variety of other topics. Students should not confuse the opinions in the blog section with the textbook-style explanations of economics concepts found elsewhere in this site.

Many of my essays on the economy also appear in the Blue Route Blog. The Blue Route also has a Facebook page. I published some of my essays in a book entitled “Sanity and Public Policy: Separating Truth from Truisms”. This book is available for purchase in paperback and eBook formats.

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I also created a Facebook page for advocates of teachers and public education. The page is called “Making Education Work”. I published a collection of essays and other material in a book entitled “Making Education Work”, available in paperback and eBook formats.

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I mentioned that I am disabled. I have written a book about lessons learned through my experiences with the medical profession. I have lessons for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals – as well as lessons for patients – regarding the doctor/patient relationship, improving communications, and avoiding medical errors. I use details from my personal experiences as anecdotal examples. My book is entitled “Even Great Doctors Make Mistakes”.

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More recently, I published a book of my opinions on a variety of topics related to economic policy, entitled "Common Misconceptions of Economic Policy". This book is similar to the "Sanity and Public Policy: Separating Truth from Truisms" book in the sense that it is a collection of previously-published blog posts that I have written. These are more recent writings than the ones in the previous book. In fact, most of the essays included in it were originally written with such a book in mind. I have organized the book into topics accordingly.

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