Let’s Connect the Dots

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Let’s Connect the Dots

The economy sucks. Agreed?


Now that we are on the same page, let’s take a closer look at this problem. If the economy is so bad, who among us is really hurting?



You say everybody is hurting? How are the giant multinational corporations doing?

Actually, they are doing quite well. Profits are near record levels; they have more cash than they know how to spend.

If the economy sucks, that means that Wall Street is tanking, right?

No, Wall Street is doing quite well also.

Then, who is hurting? The wealth of the richest among us must be wiped out, right?

No, the rich keep getting richer and richer.

Then who is it that is hurting, if the economy is really that bad?

Just about everybody else. Except for those giant corporations, Wall Street, and super rich individuals, everybody else is feeling the pinch. Very few jobs are available. Long term unemployment is high. Those with jobs receive low wages with fewer benefits. Poverty is high and growing. There doesn’t seem to be any money to help grow our small businesses, so they suffer along with us. The middle class is shrinking before our eyes.

In that case, what should we do about it?

Well, let’s connect the dots. Big corporations, Wall Street, super rich individuals doing great while everybody else is hurting.

Why in the world would anybody think that under these conditions, giving more breaks to those who are doing great, and making everybody else who is already hurting pay for these breaks, will fix this kind of problem?

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