My Favorite Songs of All Time

My Favorite Songs of All Time

I thought I would compile a list of my 10 favorite songs of all time. I found it impossible to narrow the list down to 10, so here are 25 of them.

The songs on my list have all stood the test of time. These are not songs which I really like for a while, then get tired of for a while. These are songs I put at the top of my list - not only now, but month after month and year after year.

My list is not based on a critique of songs. I’m not interested in listing the “best” songs. These songs create a different type of reaction in me than other songs, even other very good songs. The list is personal; it isn’t my way of saying what I think is “best”.

I did not attempt to balance the list of songs in any way. For example, I didn’t try to include a song from each of my favorite artists. Most of the artists I listen to the most aren’t even included in the list. Each song on the list got there on its own merits.

By “song”, I am referring to a specific recording by a specific artist.


Holly Holy
Neil Diamond


Bohemian Rhapsody


Crazy on You


I’m Your Captain
Grand Funk Railroad


Making Love out of nothing at All
Air Supply


Memories are Made of This
Dean Martin


(Just Like) Starting Over
John Lennon


I Never Cry
Alice Cooper


Night Moves
Bob Seger


If You Could Read My Mind
Gordon Lightfoot


Deacon Blues
Steely Dan


American Pie
Don McLean


Hotel California


Hey Jude


Just My Imagination




Running on Empty
Jackson Browne


Beware of Darkness
George Harrison


Killing Me Softly
Roberta Flack


Something’s Burning
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition


Oh, Pretty Woman
Roy Orbison


In My Life


Moody Blues


Bee Gees


Bridge over Troubled Water
Simon & Garfunkel

Jerry Wyant