To Linda: Thanks for 20 Wonderful Years!


To Linda: Thanks for 20 Wonderful Years!

We both remember September 23, 1994 as being a cold and dreary day. But it was a new beginning for the two of us, and the sun has been shining on us for twenty years and counting. I can’t begin to express how much better my life has been because of that day.


We can joke now. In 1994, the baseball season had been cancelled. For the first time in history, there was no World Series, so 1994 was the only possible time for me to think of romance and marriage

But we know that we were put together by divine forces because we were meant to be. We had both waited, for a long time, until we found each other. The wait helped us to appreciate what we could mean for each other.

I happen to know that for 20 years, neither one of us has wandered. Not too many couples can say that honestly. But we can, and it is something that we can be proud of. We may have had the kinds of minor spats that every couple has, but we have never had any major fights, at least nothing that ever threatened our marriage.

We haven’t always had the support of every family member who should have been happy for us, but we have proven to be stronger than any such distractions. We endure, because what we have is very strong. 20 years of happiness has proven that.

I’m not forgetting that everything has not always been easy. We have had to deal with health issues. We are not millionaires. But we know that we have what is important.

We have been here to teach Lillie the important things in life. When she was little, we never made a habit of leaving her with babysitters so that we could go out on the town all the time. We were there for her. We made it a point to get one night to ourselves each year – and we chose our anniversary to be that night.

Lillie is a smart, level-headed young lady now, and we can say that we were there for her, and taught her what is important in life. She is now a teenager, in her last year of high school, and perhaps her last year of living at home. We have done our jobs as parents, and I believe we have done quite well, even if teenagers do not always see things our way.

We have never cared much for big celebrations, for public accolades, for style over substance. We like to keep it real, keep it practical, and we have 20 happy and loyal years to show for it. Even 20 years ago, we never wanted a big, flashy wedding. We simply waited until we could afford the last payment on our rather modest rings, and then we headed to the courthouse to begin a new life.

In 20 years since that day, we never spent a lot of money on anniversaries and birthdays in order to try to prove our love for each other. We know that what is real is more important than what we spend on symbolism. Besides, those of us who are not millionaires have more practical uses for our money. I feel sorry for couples who don’t understand this.

I love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Here’s to the next 20 years and more.

Love always, Jerry

I didn’t spend a fortune for an anniversary gift. I didn’t even buy flowers. I stole some roses from Duane Long and put them on this page for you. He has lots of roses, so I don’t think he will mind that I stole these.

Jerry Wyant