Top Ten Episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”

Top Ten Episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”

Here are my favorite episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”. I’m sure your list would be different. Feel free to comment with your choices and why you disagree with mine.

#10 Pilot (season 1, episode 1)

I can’t make a top ten list without including the episode which set the stage for the entire series. This episode introduces the main characters and their individual personality traits.

In this scene, Leonard and Sheldon meet Penny for the first time.


#9 The Lunar Excitation (season 3, episode 23)

Sheldon meets Amy.

#8: The Bozeman Reaction (season 3, episode 13)

After the apartment is robbed, Sheldon decides to move somewhere safer than crime-riddled Pasadena. In this clip, he arrives in Bozeman, Montana.

#7 The Locomotive Manipulation (season 7, episode 15)

This scene stuns the audience with the first kiss between Sheldon and Amy.

#6 The Euclid Alternative (season 2, episode 5)

The gang talks Sheldon into learning to drive. In this hilarious scene, Sheldon is at the DMV attempting to obtain a permit.

#5 The Thanksgiving Decoupling (season 7, episode 9)

Mrs. Wolowitz has the gang over for Thanksgiving. In this scene, Sheldon bonds with Bernadette’s dad over beer and football.

#4 The Boyfriend Complexity (season 4, episode 9)

Keith Carradine guest stars as Penny’s father, and Penny doesn’t want him to know that she has broken up with Leonard.

#3 The Love Car Displacement (season 4, episode 13)

Tempers are short when the gang heads to a science symposium, and really flare up while the scientists among them are onstage leading the symposium. Howard feels inadequate after meeting Bernadette’s larger-than-life ex, played by basketball star Rick Fox.

#2 The Pants Alternative (season 3, episode 18)

Sheldon overcomes stage fright through alcohol, and hilarity ensues during his speech.

#1 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency (season 3, episode 8)

This is my favorite all-time episode, worthy of two clips. In the first clip, Sheldon is helping Penny fill out the paperwork in the emergency room after she had fallen in the shower and separated a shoulder.

Meanwhile Leonard, Raj, and Howard are camping out to watch a meteor shower, and aren’t aware that the cookies they ate have been laced.

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