Why I Support Hillary Clinton for President #ImWithHer #Hillary2016

Hillary is the clear choice.

  1. Of all the candidates, Hillary is in the best position to protect our safety and to promote American interests.
  2. Hillary has the respect of allies around the world. Hillary already has a working relationship with both allies and adversaries.
  3. In terms of knowledge, experience, and results in dealing with the wide varieties of issues which a president must confront, Hillary is the most qualified presidential candidate in American history.
  4. Hillary understands how to get things done in Washington. She has already forged the necessary relationships.
  5. Hillary is an advocate and a fighter for lifting up all Americans, especially the historically disadvantaged.
  6. Hillary is the only candidate who has already passed the vetting process. If another candidate is nominated, that candidate will - suddenly and late in the game - face the same types of mud-slinging that Hillary has successfully dealt with her entire adult life.

  7. Every president faces challenges. Some challenges come from expected sources. These are the issues in the presidential campaign. The candidates have answered the same questions about the same issues over and over. We are familiar with the talking points. It’s a long campaign season.

    The issues cover a wide variety of concerns. The issues are complex. Hillary is the only candidate who has been able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the diverse issues. Hillary hasn’t resorted to simplistic, rabble-rousing promises which conveniently avoid dealing with complexities and negative consequences, as all of the Republican candidates have done.

    Hillary can discuss, with knowledge, the complexities of the issues. Hillary can discuss, with knowledge, the consequences of policy options. Hillary talks about the process of dealing with issues. Other candidates talk very little about the issues beyond listing specific policies they support, as if they could automatically put those policies in place if they are elected.

    Hillary uses a completely different approach to the issues. She understands the process of taking action. She understands the president’s role and limitations. She articulates her thinking process on how to get things done. We don’t know how the other candidates will go about getting their policies in place. It’s one thing to support specific policies. It’s another thing to get working policies in place.

    We do know the process that Hillary will use in order to accomplish her objectives. Hillary understands how things get done in Washington.

    The president’s job is more than just dealing with the issues and challenges which are discussed during the campaign season. Events happen. Issues change and develop. New issues, new challenges, and new threats arise. If you look at the issues and talking points during any presidential campaign in American history, and then compare that to the actual events during the winner’s term in office, you will see vast differences. A president has to be prepared for the unexpected as well as the expected.

    Hillary has a track record to prove she is able to handle issues and challenges as they arise. Hillary has a track record to prove she is willing to put in the hard work behind the scenes in order to deal with new developments.
    This track record is far superior to that of any other candidate.

    Hillary supports sound and proven economic policies. Hillary supports equal protection under the law. Hillary is the only candidate with knowledge of women’s issues who is not reluctant to make these issues a top priority.

    In terms of the other candidates, either Martin O’Malley or Bernie Sanders would be a far superior choice than any of the Republican candidates. I will support the Democratic nominee regardless of who wins the nomination.

    The next president will have to deal with threats to America caused by the blustering rhetoric of the Republican candidates. The next president will have to fight to make America more inclusive. The next president will have to champion workable and sustainable economic policies. The next president will have to deal carefully and knowledgably with real issues. The next president will have to fight to protect the progress we have already achieved. The next president will have to appoint Supreme Court justices who understand why the first three words in the Constitution are “We the People”. Each of these points disqualifies all of the Republican candidates.

    Martin O’Malley is not a viable candidate. The “I did it at the state level” argument can and should only take a candidate so far. That argument has been used many times in the past, and most of the time it has little relevance to the job of President of the United States. Besides, O’Malley has no realistic chance of winning.

    I support many of the economic goals of Bernie Sanders. I understand the need to undo policies which have served to increase inequality to an unsustainable level. I understand the failure of trickle-down economics. I understand the problems associated with corporate power. I understand that these goals cannot be fully achieved until we find a way to make democracy “by the people” instead of “by the wealthy and powerful”.
    I agree with Bernie on these overall goals. I’ve even written a couple of books about these subjects. Hillary Clinton also agrees with these overall goals.

    I disagree with Bernie Sanders on the approach to achieving these goals. Bernie’s approach is to advocate for a handful of specific policies. His talking points move from overall goals (commendable goals) to specific policies (some of them make sense and others can be refined), but he cannot or does not say anything about the process of actually getting these policies in place in order to achieve the goals. Instead, he just talks about a “revolution”.

    Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, talks about the process of achieving goals. She understands that supporting policies is not the same thing as enacting policies. She understands that a president cannot do it alone. She understands that progress occurs in steps, and is achieved by working with others in order to find common ground. She understands that we have to build on the progress we have already achieved.

    I also want to emphasize that in addition to these economic issues, Hillary is well-versed in all aspects of the president’s job. Bernie appears uncomfortable when discussing anything but his own economic talking points. Real questions exist regarding Bernie’s qualifications for the job of Commander-in-Chief. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, will be up to the job on day one.

    There is a reason Republicans have been aggressively going after Hillary with trumped-up charges and false scandals. There is a reason Republicans have not been going after Bernie Sanders aggressively. There is a reason some Republicans have been posing as Sanders supporters on social media while they try to discredit Hillary. Republicans know that their best chance in 2016 is to prevent Hillary from being the Democratic nominee.

    If the Republican plan succeeds, and Bernie Sanders becomes the Democrats’ nominee, then we will be dealing with a Republican-led fear campaign unlike anything we have seen so far. Do you not think that Republicans have noticed that Bernie likes to call himself a “democratic socialist”? Do you not think that Republicans have a plan to exploit the fear they have always attached to the word “socialist”? Do you not understand why Republicans have been unusually quiet about attacking Bernie’s “socialism” while they sling mud at Hillary?

    Hillary has been facing the mud-slinging campaign all of her life. They have already thrown everything they can think of to throw at her. She has weathered the storm, and has come out stronger. I beg you, do some research instead of believing false charges from partisan sources.

    Hillary is a true champion of the people.

    I live in Iowa. I will be there on caucus night, proudly standing up for Hillary Clinton.

Jerry Wyant